Bolstered offers three packages to cater to the level of service that you want to provide to your employees – deliver the same package to your entire workforce, or mix and match based on company tenure or seniority.

Our Promise to You

Bolstered guarantees that all requests are reviewed within 24 hours. Privacy and safety come first – every person handling requests is an employee of Bolstered and has been interviewed and thoroughly background and identity checked.


Help in a bind


Monthly access to basic concierge services or quarterly assistance with more time-intensive projects.


Access to assistance when something is needed last minute.


Ongoing support


Bi-monthly access to basic concierge services or a combination of basic services and more time-intensive projects.


Regular support employees can count on — Ability for employees to mix and match between ongoing basic services or to use access for larger service requests.


Premium treatment


Weekly access to basic concierge services or a combination of regular basic time-intensive projects


The premium treatment — Provide employees with regular access to a personal concierge to keep up with their daily needs and to help out when big or unexpected things come up.

Included in All Packages

  • Office hours with Bolstered staff

  • Vendor recommendations

  • Notary services

  • Reward points*

*Reward points allow managers to give extra points for a job well done, to celebrate a milestone or any other event to acknowledge and incentivize your staff.

Basic Errands

Dry Cleaning, Prescription Management, Returns & Exchanges, Postal & Shipping, Repairs

Family Services

Maternity, Welcoming a New Child, Child Care, Elderly Care

Home Services

Relocation Assistance, Quote & Estimate Management, Vendor Liasons, House-Sitting, Home Repair Assistance

Pet Care

Dog Walking, Vet Visits, Grooming Appointments

Event Planning

Vacations, Parties (Birthday, Anniversary, etc.), Showers (Baby, Wedding)


Appointment Scheduling, Special Day Reminders & Planning, Correspondence (Invitations, Thank-You Notes, RSVP management), Vehicle Services (Detailing, Fuel, Repair)