Bolstered offers one comprehensive solution that appeals to every member of your diverse workforce and recruiting pool

We cross off to-do lists and let them focus on what’s important — whether that’s a looming work deadline or a child’s soccer game. And when an employee goes above and beyond, Bolstered lets you acknowledge and reward outstanding achievements to keep those star players happy.

Distribute Bolstered points

Once a package is selected, each participating employee receives quarterly Bolstered points, based on the package selected, to redeem for Bolstered services.

Recognize & incentivize with reward points

Every package includes a quarterly allotment of reward points. Award these points at your discretion to acknowledge a job well done, to motivate teams or to celebrate a milestone.

Bolster your workforce

Bolstered gives your employees peace of mind – they feel supported at work, are less distracted, and see their to-do list shrink.

Give your employees perks

they want and will actually use.



of people we surveyed say that a company’s non-health/financial perks and benefits are somewhat important to very important when deciding to join a company



of survey respondents say such services would somewhat or greatly improve work/life balance



of survey respondents say if their company offered concierge benefits it would somewhat or greatly improved how they viewed their employer