Frequently Asked


Yes, additional points are for sale at any time.

Points expire at the end of each year. The year period begins when the program starts.

Point will roll over from month to month but are not redeemable for any monetary value.

No, points are not transferrable. Additional points can only be distributed from the employer reward pool.


Bolstered will pay for any additional required cost at the time of the transaction and employees will be billed monthly.

No, we pay our employees a living wage and tips are not required.


Yes, the employer may change the package at the time of a contract renewal period.

No. You may select which employees are participating. Additionally, you may want to allocate packages to different employee groups. For example, senior employees participate in Bolstered Platinum while all other employee participate in Bolstered Gold.


We are adding new services all the time, and welcome you to submit all service requests. Bolstered will determine whether new requests are within the capabilities of our concierges, and if so, will assign an appropriate point value.

All Bolstered employees are thoroughly vetted and background checked, and Bolstered is fully insured.

We have a list of preferred vendors that we trust and work with regularly. If you request an alternate vendor, we will do everything we can to accommodate your request. Your concierge will determine this and if it will cost any additional points.

Bolstered will conduct information sessions for employees at the beginning of new service contracts and periodically as needed. Depending on the package chosen, Bolstered will hold office hours on-site at your workplace. The specific hours will be discussed when finalizing the package.

Bolstered promises to reply to all request within 24 hours. Time to complete a task will vary but will be communicated before completion.