Get Perks That Matter at Your Workplace

Give your employees what they really want more of – time – by offering concierge services as a perk through Bolstered.

Maintaining a high-performing workforce has never been harder.

Retaining top talent requires ever more creativity and dedication. Employees have an endless array of options when it comes to choosing where to work – your offerings need to stand out above the rest and cater to your diverse workforce.

The one thing that everyone needs more of is time, and we believe it’s the best thing you can give your employees.

Located in Austin, Texas, Bolstered offers concierge services as a corporate perk, giving managers a means to incentivize top performers and each employee an extra hand in taking care of life’s needs.

Average employee tenure is decreasing

3.7 yrs

before moving on to a new company

Employees are distracted at work

2 hrs

average time spent on private activities during the workday

Stress levels are on the rise


of employees say their greatest source of stress is not spending enough time at home

Enable your employees to spend more time focused on work at work and more time outside of the office doing what they love.